10-Novel Plan

I’ve struggled with what to do with this blog, and I had one of those insights that should have blinded me. Fortunately, I can still see. But I realized as long as I have my books here in the Hot Water Press tab, then I would remain forever confused about what to write here. Is it about books? Or me.

So I’m taking this back and kicking Hot Water Press off to its own site. Not immediately. I’m slow. Over the next few months. I think I’ll try a Pressbooks site. Play with that, anyway, before I default to WordPress.

And I’m going to turn this website and blog into something that’s interesting and useful for me. Which means I’m kind of building and writing this for myself. Does that make it a monologue? Kind of. I’ve been known to talk to myself.

I’m a few thousand words away from completing the first draft of my seventh novel, and I’m exploring more things than I can keep track of. I like that. Long rabbit trails get my attention.

I decided a year or more ago to write through my tenth novel and play with everything, from point of view to pacing to voice to action to internal monologue (kind of like this), all to apply some creative juice to my novels that I used to have in short stories. I discovered that, because a novel takes so much more effort than a short story, I was being too creatively tight when I wrote them. So now I pick a couple of things and tackle that while I write an entire novel. For my latest, #7, a historical fiction story tentatively titled Soo Potter: Anasazi Spy #0. Yeah, #0. Because writing this story sparked the idea of an Anasazi Spy series, set around 1100 A.D. The idea has me charged, so that’s my plan: finish out my 10-novel challenge with the first three in a spy/mystery series set among the world of the Anasazi.

Meanwhile, I continue to learn book self-publishing from the inside-out. First in the constant effort to learn and master the art of long-form written storytelling, then in creating clean ebook code (I’ve become something of a master of ebook programming, as well as a project manager, for Lucky Bat Books–best job I’ve ever had). Next I intend to learn cover design, then interior print design, all while trying to slowly build a readership base that will earn me a modest living. That’s the big goal. I’m still taking baby steps. It takes a good body of work to raise the value of any intellectual property in the entertainment business.

So watch for changes here. I’m thinking about adding an Anasazi timeline. That’s a crucial tool for me. I have it in Microsoft Excel format, and I’m still toying with how to build a useful Web page to display it. That and other tools that help me write, plus these occasional blogs, are what this site will become. And my books will move off to their own world, though I’ll still link to them here of course.

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