Jeff in his summer hat.

By Jeff Posey

“Where did these rocks come from?” asked the geology professor.

The fifty or so students ambling among the pile of stones at the bottom of the hill offered answers in tentative voices: a Precambrian ocean, an ancient river, the continental shelf….

The professor shouted “No!” to each answer.

Then a skinny, prematurely balding student pointed at the top of the hill with his rock hammer and said in a ringing voice, “They come from up there!”

“Exactly!” boomed the professor.

That skinny boy was me. I’ve always had a flair for pointing out the embarrassingly obvious. Friends and colleagues say I have a gift for explanation, clarification, synthesis.

I’m also fascinated by darned near everything.

Which explains why I: Have a geology degree, nearly earned a degree in biology, nearly earned a master’s degree in journalism, spent a decade as a magazine writer and editor, did five-and-a-half-years of night school to get a master’s degree in financial analysis (of all things), and once tried my hand as an independent financial consultant.

I like challenges. If I feel ignorant about something, that motivates me to figure it out.

Other than my growing number of publications at Hot Water Press, my work credits include:

Along the way, I’ve earned an award for investigative magazine journalism, gathered more than a dozen speaking awards with Toastmasters International, and published about a half-dozen short stories with small literary magazines.

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3 Responses to Welcome!

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  2. Phil Aslin

    Hi Jeff – I will not be able to make our final class tonight. I have enjoyed your class and hope to take some more of your classes in the future.


    • Thanks Phil — enjoyed having you. I hope to see you in a class soon. I intend to take some writing classes offered by other instructors.

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